How to unlock your hockey performance with Game Fit

How to unlock your hockey performance with Game Fit

It’s incredible how much “fit” factors into your on-ice performance. When something is off, you feel it immediately, and your play suffers as the result. Paying extra close attention to how each piece of equipment fits is the most important factor when it comes to safety, comfort, and performance. Finding gear that suits your needs and playing style will have an immediate impact on your overall game.


BAUER hockey retail employee showing customer how to use Game Fit Skate Scanner tool


Your hockey skates are your first connection with the ice. If that connection isn’t dialed in, your skating stride will suffer, and your overall ability to jump into plays will be severely lacking. The perfect fit is critical to minimizing space inside the skate, leaving less room for error every time you extend in your stride. With skate size being a no-brainer, understanding how features like arch support and steel type can help dial in your game is the next level that deserves consideration. Skates are built much differently than they were 10 years ago; therefore, finding the right fit is critical.




hockey player getting Game Fit for hockey sticks


Finding the right hockey stick is more than just picking the correct hand—there are so many variables to consider. Your size, strength, and shooting mechanics play a significant role in choosing the appropriate length, material, curve, and flex to maximize your performance. Getting one part of the formula wrong could mean a subpar shot that will never meet your expectations. Everything needs to work in unison (the flex, lie, kick-point, and more) for your stick—and your shot— to reach its full potential.




woman sitting while hockey retail employee takes her head scan with iPad


When it comes to helmets, player safety is the top priority. The idea here is simple: the helmet that fits the best will be the most protective. Feeling comfortable on the ice means you have a better chance to perform at your highest. Today’s hockey helmets come in all shapes, sizes, and constructions. So, whether you prefer a helmet in the more classic style or a fully custom-built fit, the less space you have between your head and the inside of your helmet means the safer you’ll be on the ice, and the more time you’ll get to focus on your game.




image of 3 ipad screens showing the 3 different Bauer Game Fit tools - skate, stick, and helmet

Fit is absolutely a factor to unlocking performance, and Bauer’s GAME FIT™ system was specifically designed to unlock performance using advanced fitting technologies. The Bauer GAME FIT™ body scanning devices help determine the best skates and helmets for your game, while the stick app analyzes your shooting mechanics and flex to pinpoint the best stick fit for your playing style. GAME FIT™ also gives you the option to go the full-custom route to build skates and a helmet that fit your exact specifications. GAME FIT™ gives all players—from beginner to pro—the ability to fit each piece of equipment for comfort while maximizing performance.

Ready to get game fit? Use the link below to find your nearest certified GAME FIT™ center, where expertly trained staff members will walk you through the free fitting services.